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KEY International Foundation is a nonprofit organization that serves children whose families are in the lowest income categories in developing countries. Most of these families subsist on less than the equivalent of about US $80 a month. The children in these families have minimal access to quality primary and secondary education or basic healthcare.


The acronym KEY stands for KIDS, EMPOWERMENT AND YOU.









KEY International Foundation is an officially registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law under the Internal Revenue Service rules. 100 percent of your donations will be used to support the KEY projects for the poor. Administrative costs are kept to a minimum and are covered by the Board of Directors of KEY International. All members of the Board volunteer their time and efforts without any compensation.




  • Get involved by Donating to KEY International and empowering the kids.





We would like to thank Irwin W. Steans Center for Community-based Services, DePaul University for hosting this web site.


KEY Scholarship recepients